From bullseye to the sound of zumba for our tin!

tinA big thank you to our Star Collecting Couple, Ted and June Bains from South Shields for handing back to us this week one of our tins filled to the brim with £141.54 and asking for, not one, but two empty ones!

June is part of a local women’s darts team known as the Lookout Ladies and she also runs a weekly Over 50’s Keep Fit and Dance Group at her local community centre. Every week, June takes the tin to the darts matches and her weekly class and ‘encourages’ the ladies to put something in the tin. Ted and June also hosted a Christmas Wine night for ‘the clan’ and encouraged them to donate too.

We need help every month to meet all the needs of the children and this is a beautiful example of how anyone with a bit of a social circle can raise funds to meet the needs of our children. Become the proud owner of a tin like Ted and June and give yourself a feel good boost and even a challenge to become our next Star Collector. Here are some ideas of what your efforts could help provide:
Fill a tin with £15 and you will cover the monthly cost of sanitary towels for our girls (a godsend for them).
Fill a tin with £30 and all the living in orphans will get milk in their porridge every day for a whole month (it’s horrible with just water).
Fill a tin with £60 and you will give the gift of education by covering the monthly salary of a teacher (they are priceless actually) .
Grab a tin!  Get in touch at Thank you.

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It’s a no brainer, we’ve got to do it!

This January 2015, 14 of our children entered their last year of primary school. We considered sending them to a local school to help them interact with others before going to either a secondary school or on other training programmes in 2016 and also due to our lack of resources, qualified teachers and a spare classroom. We thought we might fail them. We’ve had to re-think and fast.

We added up the costs of sending them to a local school and realised that it was not cost effective at all. We  considered the issues of walking in the dark and saw the pitfalls as class 8 starts very early at around 7am and finishes sometimes after 5pm. But most of all, this week we received the exam results taken at the end of last year and realised how well they were doing AT KET WANGI. The class was 5th out of 21 with a score of 342.46, well above the minimum 300 the children will  need to go to secondary school and a 17% improvement on the mock results.   The only schools performing better are private, too expensive and too far.  Click here to see the full results. We feel like proud parents.

So we are having a class 8 after all and are quickly building a temporary room, recruiting a new teacher and getting all the necessary books. To help with the costs we are still looking for sponsors for the children. People willing to carry their sponsorship into the following few years when the children will have to be educated further afield in secondary schools or technical establishments.

Could you sponsor one of our children or simply contribute any amounts towards the costs of our new qualified teacher, books and a classroom? We are having to dip into our overhead money, but we know we are right to do this. Check out the website for more details and where you can meet the children in need of sponsors. Thank you.

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Our January newsletter is out

If you have ever wondered whether sponsoring can change lives, John and Carol’ story is a must read in our January Newsletter.

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Christmas day at Ket Wangi

Christmas day started early at Ket Wangi for the cooks as they prepared lots of chapattis for breakfast and gave everyone a cup of milk (a luxury in Kenya). Later on they served a lunch of beef stew with tomatoes, onions and peppers, ugali, and more chapattis with enough for seconds. The children were treated to drinks of orange squash and all had a good day. As most of the staff had been given the day off to enjoy the festivities with families, Jeconia’s family spent the day at Ket Wangi. Little elves, Hellen and Lillian, Jeconia’s daughters had already spent the previous evening wrapping up the Christmas presents and helping on the day out. They truly displayed the spirit of Christmas. There are plenty of photos in our gallery and we hope that, like us, you’ll be chuffed to watch the little film below. Thank you all for making their Christmas possible and best wishes for a happy New Year.

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Christmas has come early at Ket Wangi

How do you make a present a surprise when it has to be tried on first? Well you wrap it up afterwards and add a “little” surprise to it. This is exactly what’s going to happen to the children this year. It all started today with a trip to the shoe shop for those staying at Ket Wangi for Christmas. Their first  Christmas surprise was for them to chose a sensible pair of shoes suitable for school. Not battered, ill fitting ones, but (very likely) their first brand new pair of the right size. This was made possible thanks to the successful sale of our Christmas cards and in particular the big chunk sold by Jean Duffus, our Scottish Gran. I don’t think she realised she was buying 24 pairs of shoes for Christmas! But that was not all, Ahmed and Maureen kindly dug deep again so the children could also enjoy a trip on Lake Victoria, have a picnic of pilau rice and squash juice and a couple of hours of fun in the shopping centre playground. As for the “little” surprise, well it will be inserted in their shoe and the wrapped up package opened on Christmas day. We hope your Christmas is just as fun and happy.

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You’ve done it, £1,000 raised, thank you

We have reached our appeal target on our Crowdfunder platform with 10 days left of online presence. The Friends of Ket Wangi Orphanage are over the moon, but wait until the kids see their new classroom, properly resourced for learning and fun. Thank you to those who donated and left messages of support, it’s definitely the best Christmas present you will have bought this year. As we have another 10 days left to fundraise, we have posted a Stretch Appeal of £300 to buy 5 double desks for Standard One, the first year of primary education. So please, don’t rest on your laurels yet (that’s for after the Christmas pud!) and keep donating and talking about the project to bring it, and our work in general, to the attention of more could be supporters. Below are some pictures (with before and after) of the work that has been taking place this week  to bring the room to a safe standard before we furnish it. Still a bit to go.

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