Oh no!!

Yesterday there was a downpour in Kisumu and the weather forecast is for more rain all week. The kitchen which was cobbled up together 8 months ago has a leaking roof as you can see in the picture. We need some funds to fix it as a matter of urgency. Please can you help by donating today. Thank you kitchen roof appeal

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Open day and a nice end to the summer

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holiday trip

Special holiday trip for the 24 kids who have no relatives to go to during the holidays. But where are they off to? Is it the airport ( a favourite request!), is it the museum with a built in Luo tribe village (most of the kids are Luos) or is it the Impala Sanctuary? Well it’s all 3, thanks to a generous donor. No doubt they’ll have a great day. Living in an orphanage tends to cut kids off from the real world, so the new project co-ordinator Jeconia has started taking 2 or 3 children with him when going shopping or on various errands (while not in class of course). Good on you Jec and on his daughters, Helen and Lillian, who are using their time off school to do good by helping at Ket Wangi. Now we wait for the day’s pictures.

children setting off in two matutus.

children setting off in two matutus.

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Getting their knickers in a twist

…..if only they had some. Through Chinese whispers some of the girls have revealed that they only have one pair of knickers each and that they have to carefully (because of holes or loose elastics) wash them each night. For those menstruating it’s a real challenge every month and most have outgrown them too. Ladies, girls, just try and imagine, just the one pair of knickers in your drawers, well actually not in your drawers, on you and that’s it. Not a comfortable thought is it? Sending some is not an option due to the high duties charged, so let us start a new Chinese whisper on their behalf; “shall we get these girls some new panties” and see where it leads us to. Thank you for caring. You may donate here. All funds will be used to buy underwear to as many of the children as possible.

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Bed bugs are NO LONGER biting

This gallery contains 6 photos.

Thanks to the generosity of Dr Ashton and Mr Khan, all the 46 children now have a bed, a new mattress and some new bedding. It has been very exciting for the kids as some had never slept in a … Continue reading

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Some excellent school results

Term 2 2014 evaluation test results for class 6 & 7 for the Kajulu zone are out. 868 children in class 6 and 857 in class 7 took part overall. The children have done ever so well. Not only did Ket Wangi rank 9th out of 21 schools for class 6 and 7th out of 20 schools for class 7, but the children achieved some spectacular results in science and maths. Out of the first 10 children in science, 5 are from Ket Wangi with marks of 90 for 4 of them and 94 for Melvyn Atieno, putting her in 1st place. In class 7, Beryl achieved 10th place overall and 2nd place in maths with a score of 96. These results are a testimony to the quality of teaching that the children are receiving from the teachers. It is certainly not due to the availability of resources as the children were only given access to curriculum books and a desk a few months ago. We must single out science teacher Isaac, a young teacher that put his heart into his work and this despite going months without pay. Please support their work with a donation today, Isaac deserves it, they all deserve it. They are working so that the children have a better future than the previous generations, we are behind them 100%. An average monthly salary is £60 but our regular monthly guaranteed income is still only £55! We need some serious help when it comes to overheads and staff pay. Every donation is precious to us and there are many ways to contribute on the website. Thank you.
You can see all the test results here (page loading can take a few seconds, sorry) http://www.flipsnack.com/ketwangi/evaluation-test-results-1.html

children working hard

children working hard

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